About Us

Our versatile, cost effective technologies coupled with our focus on quality, flexibility, matchless reliability & integrity, leads to offerings beyond your expectations.

Our products are more stable & more efficient than the competition. Our Projects are based on durable designs, with more uptime and less upkeep, thereby, enhancing productivity & profitability.

Our experienced team is skilled at project planning, scheduling, monitoring & executing with extensive knowledge of job requirement & safety standards. Moreover, we are abreast with latest technology trends & regulations for safe operations of the plants.

With an extensive geographical footprint of projects operating in different parts of the world, Muez-Hest is uniquely qualified to provide wide array of projects for the Oils & Fats and Oleochemical industry exclusively, which can make a positive difference to your project.

We are constantly working with the various pioneer research institutions & laboratories of the Government of India, besides, international institutions to gain insight on various aspects of product & process development, which could leverage in terms of value creation through energy efficient & environment friendly, cost effective technologies for our vertical growth.

From imagination to implementation, Muez-Hest is your Trusted Partner.

Mission / Vision


Our Vision is to be a leading organization in our core businesses by providing products and services of superior values and by sustaining consistent long-term growth in volume and profitability.

We shall strive to achieve responsible commercial success by satisfying our customers needs, giving superior performance to our shareholders, providing rewarding careers to our people, cultivating mutually beneficial relationship with our business associates, caring for the society and the environment in which we operate, and contributing towards the progress of our nation.


Our corporate mission is to support our stakeholders, clients, local communities, employees, and everyone else around the world in their endeavors to achieve economic and spiritual prosperity and realize their dreams through our sound business activities.

We also maintain-throughout our business practices-a unique management style that respects the personality of each individual and places prime importance on integrity and sound management, which represent the essence of Muez-Hest's business philosophy, while cherishing a corporate culture that allows each employee to take the initiative and demonstrate creativity that is conducive to continuous reform and innovation.

By sharing the values across the company to materialize them in specific business activities, we aim to be a global organization that constantly stays a step ahead in dealing with change, creates new value, and contributes broadly to society.

Muez-Hest will continually improve its technologies & services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life in our society.

Core Values


Uphold high levels of personal & professional values in all our business interactions & decisions.

(ii)Respect & Responsibility

Respect for the individuals we interact with & the environment that we operate in & committing to being responsible in all our actions & deeds.


Stretch the horizon of growth for ourselves & our business through our unwavering ambition to achieve outstanding personal & business growth.


Seek & seize opportunities with speed & agility challenging set boundaries.

Business Principles

(i) Health, Safety & Environment

Health & Safety are important for our employees & communities where we operate. We shall provide the safe & healthy workplace settings to prevent mishaps. We ensure our business operations are sustainable, by proactively addressing environmental challenges & respecting fundamental human rights, without sacrificing long term economic value creation.

(ii) Compliance

Complying with all applicable laws, rules & regulations in the countries that we operate.

(iii) Working with Local Communities

Engaging with & contributing to local communities in a socially responsible manner wherever we operate, without compromising the benefits of any stakeholder.

(iv) Fair Business Practices

Ensuring that we promote fair business practices & compete in an ethical manner.

Why choose Muez-Hest?

We at Muez-Hest, fully understand the challenges being faced by the industry in the current market scenario and the need to be flexible & quick to accomplish their goals, thus our seamless hand holding helps our customers achieve their objectives.

As pioneers in edible oil processing technologies, Muez-Hest brings proprietary technological solutions, which are most efficient & affordable.

Our breakthrough process design, combined with proven technology offers a complete project and services model that ensures, assured plant performance.

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional performance helps in operational efficiency and as a Trusted Partner, Muez-Hest ensures that your projects meets or exceeds your exact requirements & specifications.

Our technological strength equip us with capabilities, many competitors cannot match, besides, our 20 years of experience & insight means, we can even make process validations & recommendations for cutting costs & increasing efficiency at every level of plant process.

It is the desire of Muez-Hest to be steered & propelled by R&D oriented course, that drives our efforts, which has resulted in our robust equipment & proven technologies, to transform several projects to operate, optimally.

Muez-Hest believes in developing new technologies, which are not only unconventional, but also aligned with the current industry requirements, as companies are becoming hungry for new technologies.

We at Muez-Hest have redefined technologies, which has been engineered to perform to your satisfaction, hence, from planning to performance, Muez-Hest is your only Trusted Partner.

Our aggressive efforts are underway to reduce energy consumption, besides, developing & working constantly on environment friendly technologies to reduce carbon footprints.

Safety, productivity & protecting interest of your project is our top priority and being a responsible technology providers, our focus is consistently on improving the services, which is a formidable task for a comprehensive & all round success of the project.

Our Corporate Logo radiates the clarity of our vision, the spirit of our corporate belief system & the boldness of our people in building an outstanding organization by working together as a team.

We know that the time is ripe for Muez-Hest to push beyond its boundaries & achieve outstanding success in the years to come. Guided by potential optimism to make a difference in the business we are in, we are determined to drive our objective "ASPIRE TO ACHIEVE" by making it a reality for all.

We at Muez-Hest believe in the Philosophy & Ideology of:

M utual Trust

U nity

E xcellence

Z eal

H onesty

E xecution

S ervices

T eamwork

CMD Message

Greetings from Muez-Hest !

Our corporate statement "Change for the better", represents our goal & attitude to always strive to achieve "something better", as we continue to change & grow. It is a statement that promises "to create an even better tomorrow" to our clients by the initiatives of each & every one of our team members, who seek to improve themselves by aiming for "the better", and to "improve technologies, services & creativity", as our corporate philosophy.

Our primary objective is to be always willing to innovate & grow and to become a company that understands its role & responsibility towards the industry we serve & the society.

I am confident that with your support Muez-Hest will soon become a multinational company, with diverse products & services and as a global, leading organization to achieve a higher growth through continuous innovation.

While pre-empting global changes & moving forward in our pursuit of sustainable growth, we as an organization will always pay due attention to corporate social responsibility, corporate ethics & compliance. We will stay firmly dedicated to earning the trust and ensuring the satisfaction of our society, our customers, our stakeholders & our employees.

Expect great things from Muez-Hest in the near future, as you always have in the past; through continuous innovation we develop new frontiers.


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