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Fatty Acid Plant & Derivatives, Reactors

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of fatty acid plant, fat splitting plant, fatty acid hydrogenation, sweet water treatment plant, sweet water concentration plant and fatty acid plant feassibility.


Fat Splitting
Oil/Fat that is triglyceride of Fatty Acid contain 3 molecules of fatty acids. These are replaced by Hydroxyl group of water.

The splitting reaction of oil and water takes place under high temperature and pressure. Three hydroxyl (OH group) 0f water added to triglyceride under high pressure and temperature then three molecule of Fatty Acid and one molecule of Glycerol is manufactured.

Fatty Acid Distillation
The crude Fatty Acid obtained from Splitting contains odourifarous and colouring matters. These are removed by Distillation at high temperature and Vacuum. The distillation column is in built with structure packing and higher capacity fatty acid condensation system.

Sweet Water Treatment Plant
Sweet water received from Fat Splitting is clear liquid it contains traces of Fatty Matter these are removed by acidic treatment.

Sweet Water Concentration Plant
Treated sweet water concentrated in triple effect evaporators. These evaporators are Cylindrical in shape with conical bottom. The treated sweet water is heated under Vacuum into these evaporators to convert sweet water into 80 to 85% Purity Crude glycerin.

Glycerine Distillation
The Crude glycerine is distilled under high Vacuum. After distillation, the glycerine is cooled down to bleaching temperature. The bleaching is done by passing through the fixed batch of carbon, then glycerine is filtered and cooled down to required temperature.

Hydrogenation which is also called fat modification, is unique 3 phase system of Solid (Catalyst), Liquid oil and gas (Hydrogen). The addition of Hydrogen at double bond of Fatty Acid convert the unsaturated fatty acid into saturated Fatty Acid. The special design of Autoclave results in lowest consumption of Hydrogen gas and produces light colour Hydrogenated product.

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We manufacture reactors designed for special application as per client requirement. These reactors are engineered to maximize the value of the given reaction. Our reactors are built to withstand high temperature & pressure in the system.

  • Made from austenitic stainless steel with Limped Coil.
  • Agitators are custom designed
  • Available with Load Cells Weighing arrangement.
  • Seal type - mechanical or packing.
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